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The PIG RIG seed was planted in my head at least ten years before we ever had a PIG RIG.  Tom and I had taken our entire crew down to California for a much needed vacation/cruise.  As we were waiting to get on the ship, we went by a food truck and had the most amazing Pastrami Burger.  Not only did the taste of the burger resonate in my head, but the fact that we could go mobile and provide people with Great BBQ and create the same memories of great food.

As time went by, I started thinking about a PIG RIG more and more.  I finally decided to just go for it.  I purchased the truck and had it retro fitted into what we now call “The PIG RIG”.   My original plan was to hit all the Auto Parks in the area for lunch.  I made the connections, had the schedules and hit the road.  But lunch didn’t take off.  It was 2009, the economy was tough, to say the least, and most of my prospective customers were brown bagging it.

I used to have a restaurant in Fountain Hills.  We had many loyal customers.  After doing the Fountain Hills Art Fest in November, and hearing how bad they wanted us back there, it came to me.  Lunch wasn’t working, but bringing great BBQ dinners to outskirt locations just might work.


Now after 4 years of getting the kinks out, you can find the “PIG RIG” all over the valley.  October-May, the trucks can be found at many different weekend events going on.  You might also see them out Catering your companies lunch or a good friends private party.  The only thing that has changed over the 4 years is the Catering/Events come looking for us, and that’s a nice change.

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